So, you dumped a bucket of toilet water on your head (mayyyyyybe after having one of your servants sterilize the bowl, I’m guessing). How nice for you.


I raise you a bucket of this:


Separated At Birth…

July 14, 2014

Manfred Mann and Austin Powers?

manfredmann01  Austin-Powers

The Happy Pilot

February 6, 2014

The Happy Pilot

Here, Harry!

November 22, 2013

From https://www.facebook.com/DivestVT, a FB page the aim of which is “to push Virginia Tech to divest its $600 million endowment from fossil fuel companies as a method of combating climate change and the abuses of fossil fuel extraction.”

Here is a sample post (which I initially supposed was from The Onion):

“Imagine a United States, in which a citizen could sue another on behalf of Earth!”
The law defines Mother Earth as “a collective subject of public interest,” and declares both Mother Earth and life-systems (which combine human communities and ecosytems) as titleholders of inherent rights specified in the law.”


I get the idealistic ignorance of a few college students whining about global warming in hopes of getting a little press*, and laid, since the sixties-ish replay of storming the ROTC building would result in 1. unpopularity and 2. a thorough ass kicking (the former of which is the kiss of death at college, and the latter of which is an object of pure fear in a generation that never got hit in the sack with a dodgeball).

I’m a little stumped, however, how these young Turks (100% of whose tuition-paying parents would be shaking their heads as well) can’t see the idiocy of the concept of being able to sue someone for driving a gas guzzler or throwing a burrito wrapper out of its window. Just “imagine” how (How would they say it? Oh, yeah) “sick” that would be! It’d be “the beast!” (I’m only guessing that “awesome” is way out of date)

Ah, to be young and clueless again.

Question for VT Divesters: If you are successful, calculate how much your tuition and fees will rise in the absence of the $600 million endowment you want to piss away.

Upon graduation, you might not be looking for a job at BP, but you will not be looking for one at Solyndra.

*To wit:



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